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Fort Bliss Replacement Hospital, Fort Bliss, Texas

The project scope is to construct a new 1,132,237 SF Medical Facility to replace the existing facility that is comprised of:

  • Main Hospital 632,646 SF
  • Inpatient and Out-patient Clinics 360,675 SF
  • Administrative Building 139,500 SF
  • Clinical Investigation Building 27,573 SF
  • Central Utility Plant 81,665 SF

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October 9, 2012 @ 2:00 PM CST
Sealed Bid / Technical Proposal

Approximate Project Value
$500 million

LEED Certification
Seeking LEED Silver certification

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Fort Worth District

Contract Type
Design-Bid-Build (Firm Fixed Price) – using Best Value Trade-Off Evaluation Criteria

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ProjNet at http://www.projnet.org/projnet
Solicitation Number: W9126G-12-R-0054
Bidder Key: JWGMZB-5BF64O

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The Joint Venture of Hunt Construction Group and Manhattan Construction is Texas-based with unparalleled healthcare experience. Hunt | Manhattan knows that subcontractors play a vital role in the construction process and they become our partners in delivering a successful project. 

Please join our devoted team in building a replacement hospital that is second to none to care for our military and their families. They have taken great care in protecting and serving us and now we can help deliver them a five-star healthcare facility that provides the best in care.



Construct a new 1,132,237 SF Medical Facility to replace the existing Williams Beaumont Army Medical Center at Fort Bliss, Texas. The facility will consist of main hospital (632,646 SF), inpatient and out-patient clinics (360,675 SF), administrative building (139,500 SF), clinical investigation building (27,573 SF), and central utility plant (81,665 SF). Project Number 072481. The exterior envelopment of the buildings is comprised of natural stone, metal panel and terra cotta in a rainscreen system application. It also has a unitized curtain wall system with integral sunshade devices. The roof will be R-20 with an inverted roof membrane assembly (IRMA) with pavers. The moment resistant steel frame structural system with the use of the Side Plate connection system will be used for all the structures greater than two stories. A concrete and metal deck composite floor system will comprise the flooring component of the structural system. The two story buildings or lower will have a conventional composite steel frame structure. Every structure, and portion thereof, including nonstructural components shall be constructed to resist the effects of earthquake motions as prescribed by the seismic requirements of the UFC and related building codes and standards. Mechanical equipment serving the Hospital resides in two areas, the fourth floor and the basement level Mechanical Rooms. Air Handling equipment for the hospital building will be located on the fourth floor and will serve all floors above and below. All outside air servicing the air handling units are ducted through sand louvers located around the perimeter of the floor. The air handlers for the clinic and administrative buildings will be on the roof grouped together protected by wind and sand screens. The air will be conveyed by galvanized steel ducted supply and return throughout the facility. The facility will be served by two (2) independent water lines, one from the existing water tower on the site and the other at the East Biggs development water tower for 100% redundancy. The domestic water supply will enter the CUP and be distributed from there to the different buildings. A new substation under a separate contract will be constructed adjacent to the project at the southeast corner of the site. It will derive dual normal power feeders from the existing 115kV El Paso Electric (EPE) transmission lines running along the eastern side of the site. The project will provide a secondary double-ended main-tie-main configured 13.8kV switchgear line-up adjacent to the CUP. The CUP switchgear will serve all power to the hospital and campus buildings. All electrical equipment in the buildings will be sized for 25% spare capacity should full expansion occur per UFC 4-510-01. The Data Center will be on the fourth floor of the hospital building. It will serve as dedicated space for network servers, routers, switches, storage devices, head end equipment and many other systems. Telecommunications Rooms (TR) will be provided on each floor to support voice and data distribution to work station outlets.

The project will be designed in accordance with criteria prescribed in Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-510-01, (MIL-HDBK-1191), DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings UFC 4-010-01, Americans with Disabilities Act and Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADA/ABAAG), and applicable energy conservation legislation. Air Conditioning.

This project will comply with all of the Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings UFC 4-010-01 The FBHR is classified as a Primary Gathering Building within a Controlled Perimeter based on its projected occupancy of more than 50 DoD personnel. The controlled perimeter will comply with a 148 foot minimum standoff distance. The project will be LEED certified for the campus as whole as well as LEED-HC (LEED for Healthcare) certified for the hospital and clinic buildings. LEED certification for the administrative, CIB and CUP, ACP Visitors Center buildings will be applied for separately. Minimum requirements for the project are the attainment of a Silver LEED equivalency.